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glass rainbow metallic ornament with clouds on either end
felt rainbow ornament
Mini Disco Balls | Set of Twelve
cookie with half white and half black icing soft foam ornament
santa's stout beer bottle ornament
elf ale beer bottle ornament
burrito ornament
wool felt lucky cat ornament
Felt Dog Ornament
Embroidered Felt Llama Ornament
koala bear ornament
penguin chick ornament
empire state building ornament
nasa earth ornament
captain's hat ornament
snowboard ornament
sisal dog ornament
faux fur hedgehog ornament with hat or earmuffs
wool felt houseplant ornaments in assorted styles
wool felt embroidered bird ornament
assorted felted wool cat ornaments with ribbon bow collars in various colors
brown and cream owl ornament made from faux fur and feathers
sloth ornament made from buri palm and faux fur hanging on a wood branch
felt hat in the shape of a christmas tree with star topper
set of 2000 metallic silver individual tinsel icicle strands
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