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Holiday Ornaments

Get all of your favorite holiday ornaments now!
kurt adler green glass holiday ornament that looks like a pickle.
Felt holiday ornament that looks like a greek deli coffee cup hanging from a tree branch
Mistletoe ornament made from green felt with little white pompom berries.
Felt gnome ornaments in 3 styles: one wears sunglasses and is playing guitar, one wrapped in colorful string lights and one carrying a tree on its back.
Winter sketches felt holiday ornaments (left to right): sheep with ice skate, bundled up bear with glasses, reindeer throwing snowballs and raccoon with a mug of hot chocolate.
tag boombox ornament red
Wool felt cassette tape ornament in red, black and white with "santa's mix tape" in red thread and "ho ho ho" in wire to look like tape coming out of the bottom.
Front view of an enamel holiday ornament that features 3 hands in different skin tones flashing a peace sign, ornament is hanging on an evergreen tree.
Front view of an enamel holiday ornament with a bright pink peace sign set against a backdrop of earth rendered in chartreuse green and light aqua blue.
Matte yellow glass ball ornament with "believe" in blue letters on the front.
Matte red glass ball ornament with "big nick energy" in white letters on the front.
Matte turquoise glass ball ornament with "sad girl winter" in white letters on the front.
Lavender seeds in folded paper ornament with lavender flower illustrations in white and dark blue on a light blue background. A light blue hang loop extends from the top to hang as an ornament. One box shows front, the other shows the "to" and "from" spaces on the back of the ornament.
Front cover of Gnome for the Holidays Advent Calendar that looks like a house with different gnomes in each of the 4 windows and at the open front door.
Front cover of 'Tis the Season for Elf-Care Advent Calendar with whimsical elf illustrations on a peach background.
cody foster nacho cheese chips holiday christmas tree ornament
Round white porcelain holiday christmas tree ornament with illustrations of a nutcracker and other characters from the classic ballet with a red velvet ribbon loop for hanging.
old world christmas menorah ornament
Front view of a glass holiday ornament that looks like a handheld tetris game with colorful bricks and black directional buttons on a silver background.
Front of box for the Old World Christmas ornament advent calendar.
Glass holiday ornament that looks like the ukrainian flag with a dove of peace on it, with a glittery gold flag stick.
Glass holiday ornament that looks like a can of black cherry hard seltzer with red and pink glitter accents.
Glass holiday ornament that looks like a bowl of guacamole with tomatoes and a tortilla chip on the side. The side of the bowl has "I'm so Extra" in white glitter lettering.
Glass pigeon ornament wearing a red hat with pink pompom and a blue sweater with "stay coo" in glittery white lettering.
Tree ornament that looks like a leafy plant in a terracotta pot with glitter stripes and "plant lover" in yellow lettering.
Glass holiday ornament that looks like a bottle of red hot sauce.
Glass tree ornament that looks like a champagne bottle, with green glitter body and gold label and top foil.
A birdseed treat that looks like a gingerbread man christmas cookie with red raffia hanger.
mr bird ollie the owl bird seed ornaments in packaging
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kurt adler ul 50 light 5mm multi color frost led green wire light set
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Glass holiday tree ornament with a word game square that looks like wordle with "elves" as the solution and a santa hat hanging on the top left corner.
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