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Smoked Rose Water Tinned Fish Candle

SKU: 161079

Discover the enchanting "Smoked Rose Water" candle from the Original Tinned Fish Candle line, a unique blend of rustic and floral aromas. Housed in a whimsical sardine tin with delicate sardine-shaped candles inside with added shimmer, it combines the fresh fragrance of roses with the comforting scent of a campfire. Perfect for creating a serene ambiance or as a thoughtful gift, this hand-poured, eco-friendly soy wax candle offers a long-lasting and captivating experience. 

Made from high-quality, eco-friendly soy wax with a lead-free cotton wick, it burns cleanly and evenly for hours on end. Non-toxic, plastic-free, reusable and vegan in recyclable packaging. Made by a women-owned company based in Atlanta. 4 ounce recyclable tin.

Warning: when lit for more than a few hours the tin can get very hot.