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The Popper

SKU: 134744

Get movie theater popcorn at home! This collapsible popcorn bowl provides the immediate satisfaction of microwave popcorn in an eco-friendly, waste-free format. Farewell to plastic-wrapped, paper bags of microwave popcorn, all you need are the kernels! The Popper pops 9.3 cups of popcorn, the perfect amount of popcorn to share with the whole group. Reduce waste with an infinitely reusable, dishwasher-safe bowl. Flip the lid, which doubles as a measuring cup to make the perfect bowl of popcorn. Collapse the BPA-free silicone Popper to store it in the cupboard to save space. The Popper doesn’t even require the use of oil, and can easily be accompanied by spices or flavors for unique recipes. Dimensions are 7.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches high when collapsed.