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Mindful Crafts: Calm Vibes Friendship Bracelet Kit

SKU: 9781797220963

Craft your way to calm with this all-levels kit designed to help you unwind and tap into the present moment through meditative knotting work!

Through repetitive motions that busy the hands and calm the mind, string crafts are a great way to unplug and slow down. With its emphasis on mindfulness and its fresh, eye-catching designs, this how-to kit offers an elevated, more adult-friendly take on the classic craft. This kit includes 15 skeins of high-quality embroidery floss in assorted soothing colors (all are different), two sets of clasps, and an illustrated instructional booklet with knot-tying basics, ten step-by-step bracelet patterns (from easier designs like Spiral Staircase to the more advanced Breaking Waves)-plus tips and tricks to customize and elevate your bracelets. With this handy kit, you can simultaneously soothe anxious thoughts and create unique bracelets cool enough to adorn any wrist, whether it's your friend's or your own! (Kit includes enough floss to create 20+ bracelets.)

Reduce stress and anxiety, enhance healthy brain function, and reap the other health benefits of mindfulness with this hands-on hobby! This easy, fun and approachable kit is for both novice and experienced crafters with straightforward instructions and an achievable finished product.

Packaging measures 6 x 8 inches.