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Everything Ever Game

SKU: 157572

The party game you've been preparing for your whole life!

Every movie you’ve seen, every show you’ve watched, every song you’ve listened to, every place you’ve visited, every book you’ve read, every kind of food you’ve eaten, and every person you’ve ever heard of makes you better at this game. It’s finally time to get credit for everything you already know!

In Everything Ever, you and your friends take turns listing things from categories like “Every Dinosaur Movie” or “Every Brand of Soap”. If you can’t, you can change the category or push your luck and collect the card as a penalty. Keep your friends’ iffy answers in check with judge cards, and win by collecting the fewest cards once the deck runs out. You got this! Suitable for ages 12 and up, 2-10 players, average game play is 20 minutes.

Box measures 5.91 x 3.94 x 2.95 inches and includes 250 category cards, 10 judge cards and a rulebook. Makes a great host / hostess or family gift!