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Apotheke Apricot Red Currant Scented Candle in Mini Tin

SKU: 153348

The Apricot Red Currant candle will fill any room with the scent of decadent pomegranate blended with red currant, fresh grapefruit and ylang ylang. Subtle notes of apricot and sandalwood accentuate the fragrance by adding depth to the juicy scent. Poured into a 2 ounce orange mini tin with lid, estimated burn time is about 15 hours. Dimensions are 2.5 inches in diameter x 1.75 inches tall.

The mini tin is the perfect add-on to any gift, use it as a tester to see what scents you like or take your favorite scent with you while traveling. They are cute, compact and come in multiples scents. Burn one on its own or together to create your own signature fragrance!

All Apotheke candles are hand-poured with perfume-grade fragrance oils and a high quality soy wax blend. Their candles are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan. Each scent is formulated with a unique wick, wax, and fragrance combination to create a strong and clean burn.

Made in the USA by a Brooklyn-based company.