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Easter Plush

A group of 5 chick plush toys with rainbow colored fur in different patterns and yellow beaks and feet.
Douglas Lil Bitty Bunny plush toy in light pink with black bead eyes and a pink nose.
jellycat medium bashful woodland bunny easter stuffed animal plush toy front
jellycat bashful sunshine bunny
jellycat bashful apple bunny
jellycat blossom bea beige bunny plush stuffie toy
Jellycat Birdling Goldfinch plush toy front view.
Jellycat Birdling Blue Jay plush toy front view.
Jellycat Birdling Swallow plush toy front view.
jellycat nesting bunnies
    jellycat caboodle bunny
jellycat beige yummy bunny
jellycat yummy tulip pink bunny
jellycat bashful tulip pink bunny front view
jellycat bashful beige bunny
jellycat bashful hot pink bunny
jellycat bashful tangerine bunny
Jellycat small beige Blossom Bea bunny plush toy with floral print inner ears and pads of feet.
jellycat sweetsicle bunny
jellycat large bashful woodland bunny plush toy with pink nose, long floppy ears and fur in a mix of tan, brown and silver
jellycat bashful beige bunny plush stuffie toy