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Golden Gems Zodiac Scented Candles

SKU: 159149

For all the Zodiac babes out there! 

Golden Gems designed each scent with a particular Zodiac Sign in mind, and perfectly balanced each candle scent to bring out and inspire your inner astrological badass. Topped with stones and crystals that pair with each Sign's individual characteristics - these candles are sure to set the mood for whatever witchy stuff you're wanting to evoke. Light it up! 

Each 8 ounce candle is made with 100% soy wax and hand-poured into an iridescent white glass jar with silver lid. These vegan and cruelty-free candles have an estimated burn time of 48 hours. Handmade by a women-owned business based in St. Louis, MO. Pair with the matching Golden Gems glitter tray for a great gift!

Ambitious Little Capricorn - Exotic Amber Woods scent with Tiger Eye for optimism and harmony.

Clever Little Aquarius - Driftwood and Juniper Oud with Green Fluorite for attentiveness and clarity.

Dreamy Little Pisces - Amber Rose and Ylang Ylang scent with Rose Quartz for self love and healing.

Fearless Little Aries - Rosewood Vetiver and Resin scent with Mookaite Jasper for communication and transformation.

Determined Little Taurus - Smoked Vanilla and Tobacco Leaf scent with Ombre Quartz for healing and generosity.

Charming Little Gemini - Violet Santal Neroli scent with Citrine for optimism and clarity.

Caring Little Cancer - Warm Amber and Jasmine Pepper scent with Smoky Quartz for protection and communication.

Fiery Little Leo - Spicy Tobacco and Teakwood scent with Clear Quartz for amplifying and clarifying.

Perfect Little Virgo - Bergamot and Vanilla scent with Xiuyan Jade for intuition and inspiration.

Balanced Little Libra - Ambergris and Verbena Wood scent with Rhodonite for compassion and healing.

Mysterious Little Scorpio - Dark Cardamom and Water Lily scent with Hematite for focus and self awareness.

Wild Little Sagittarius - Campfire and Pepper Leather scent with Amethyst for transformation and intuition.