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The Travel Hack Handbook

SKU: 9781837580613

This practical and inspiring guide provides travelers with tips and tricks to make their money go further. As the cost of living and travel increases, Lonely Planet's experts reveal the best ways to bag a bargain, whether it’s booking transport, a hotel or finding experiences that won’t break the bank.

The first half of the book provides general advice, tips and information from a range of writers, including guest experts such as train travel gurus and digital nomads. The second half provides inspirational recommendations and introduces more than 20 destinations that offer the best value to travelers, covering countries, cities and places for specific interests such as trekking, diving and eating

The book is presented in a handy flexi-bound format with visually inspiring photography, maps and fact boxes.
It features coverage of destinations around the world with recommendations and tips for countries such as Slovenia, South Africa and Thailand, as well as cities such as Tblisi, Edinburgh and Atlanta.

Whether you’re planning a short term jaunt or a long haul journey, this is the perfect book for any traveller on a budget that’s wanting to get the best bang for their buck.

Paperback, 160 pages, by Lonely Planet, measures 6.4 x 8.2 x 0.60 inches.