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Cover of Spaceblock baby board book with an astronaut in suit walking on an orange planet with iconic space graphics all around on a dark blue background.
Front and left side angle of box packaging for "slide in the dm's" game. Dark pink to orange ombre with sample DM and Play cards and game title on the front in a text bubble.
Black box with "what do you meme?" and "the party game for meme-lovers" in iridescent lettering and "bigger better edition, way more fresh & classic cards" in gold foil on the front.
Blockbuster movie party game in packaging that looks like a plastic vcr tape box with the Blockbuster Video logo on the front.
Jumbo squishy gummy bear shaped fidget toy in orange in box packaging.
Set of 8 pink rose garden scented shower steamer discs in packaging. Front of the box is white and pink with "you are so pretty, pretty funny, pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty strong, pretty awesome" in gold foil letters.
Weekly undated planner pad with days of the week along the left side with blank space and 2 ruled columns to the right with bullet points. Top of the pad has "It's Gonna be a Hell of a Day" in gold foil lettering on a soft lemon yellow backdrop.
A pair of aqua blue and a pair of lavender socks with smiley faces on them packaged to look like circles  in a pink box with "sunday, saturday" on the front.
Clear stemless wine glass with "working from home" on the front in serif letters.
White large cappuccino style mug with "read your fucking email" in white lettering with dark blue shadow and little blue stars in different sizes.
Dark blue box with "hella awkward" in lighter blue on the front and right side.
Bright yellow book cover with a blue scallop pattern at top and red scallop pattern at bottom. Title of the book "Lunchbox" is in white letters, right below in black letters is "so easy, so delicious, so much fun to eat. There's a photo of a plastic bento box packed with a sandwich in the shape of a bears head, popcorn with sprinkles, cheese cubes, mixed berries and cucumbers.
Cover of reporter style notebook with a pink, red, cream and dark green floral cover and a gold elastic closure.
Set of 4 baby board books in a paper slipcase. Yellow book title is words, blue book is science, green book is math and purple book is art. All are part of the Curious Baby set.
Front cover of the Bando gold toned wire-o bound soft cover notebook with an off-white background and "be nice" in large red letters.
Front cover of the Bando gold toned wire-o bound soft cover notebook with an off-white background and "live your life with peace & kindness" in large rainbow color  letters.
Front cover of the Bando gold toned wire-o bound notebook with a bright pink background and "find joy wherever you are" in large yellow and cream color letters.
Small square jewelry box covered in a pink, red, dark green and cream floral print with zipper.
Rainbow striped id case with clear id window, gold zipper hardware and removable pink wristlet strap.
Small coated canvas toiletries bag with red double zipper pull, covered in rainbow colored diagonal stripes, front and right side view.
Off-white front cover of a coloring book with "brighten up!" in rainbow color letters with "a coloring book, to help you slow down & feel better" in black text above and below it.
Pastel pink stainless steel insulated stemless wine cup with translucent red plastic lid and "doing nothing." on the front in red lettering.
Bright yellow stainless steel stemless cup with clear plastic lid and "smile" in chunky rainbow color letters.
Pastel pink stainless steel water bottle with bright pink cap with carrying handle and "enjoy the little things" on the front in red letters. A sheet of 3 stickers is next to the bottle.
bando work it out water bottle drink more water
White envelope packaging with photo of a tree with wood base and green paper leaves with a hand adding a leaf. Envelope has gray writing and says "gratitude tree, a visual reminder to be mindful and grateful" at the top.
Set of 12 mini softcover notebooks in solid rainbow colors in a rainbow striped holder.
Bright yellow double insulated acrylic thermal mug with "the future starts now" in bright pink lettering with a white outline. There is a bright pink sipper lid on top of the mug.
Off-white canvas tote with "the possibilities are endless" in yellow, pink, blue and green letters with yellow and orange stars around it.
bando gold toned wire-o bound soft cover notebook with an off-white background and "the possibilities are endless" in yellow, pink, blue and green lettering with orange and yellow stars around.
Front view of metallic silver neoprene lunch bag with built in handles.
Front view of neoprene lunch bag with built in handles in aqua blue with a yellow stripe and an orange stripe running down the middle of the bag from top to bottom.
Brooklyn shaped bamboo serving board that is laser engraved with the neighborhood shapes and names and "brooklyn" at the bottom. Includes a hole for a strap to hang on a wall.
Front cover of a hardcover book with an illustration of a breaking ocean wave with cat shapes in it, one cat is jumping across a red sun. The books title "Catffirmations" is in orange lettering and "mindful mantras to awaken your inner cat" is in white lettering. "Art by Lim Heng Swee" is in orange lettering.
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