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100% Recycled Toilet Paper

SKU: 142219

Made from 100% recycled fibers, each roll will immediately turn your bathroom into that eco-friendly paradise you’ve been longing for (personal waterfall not included). The soft, 3 ply sheets make for a super comfy wipe. Competitively priced with supermarket rolls, they feel good on your bum and your budget.

This double-length roll has 400 sheets of 3 ply toilet paper, each sheet is 3.94 inches square. Each roll is individually wrapped in colorful patterned tissue paper (no plastic). Biodegradable and plays well with most septic tanks. Made by recycling post consumer waste paper (like office letterhead and memos, not used toilet paper) by Who Gives a Crap, a B Corp Certified Corporation. A large chunk of their profits go directly to their charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation so you're helping millions of people gain access to clean water just by wiping your bum!

  • Sold by individual roll, maximum of 6 rolls per order.

Q: How does it feel?
A: This toilet paper might feel a bit different since, well, it is a bit different. Most mainstream, blanket-like toilet paper comes from destroying virgin trees — and we won’t stand for that. Instead, we’ll sit down to enjoy all the good we’re doing just by using the loo.

Q: Why recycled?
A: Every day, 27,000 trees are cut down just to make regular toilet paper. Such a waste! Cutting down trees just for TP is a total no-no. That’s why these rolls are made using 100% recycled materials. Helping to reduce deforestation by wiping your bum is what we’d call a yes-yes. These recycled rolls are the eco-friendliest toilet paper they make, the bamboo version is a bit stronger.