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Concentrated Toilet Cleaning Strips (Pack of 24)

SKU: 160625

Introducing Nantucket Footprint zero-waste toilet cleaning strips – the ultimate plastic-free solution for keeping your toilet bowl clean and fresh! These compact strips are a game-changer when it comes to toilet cleaning, as they are gentle on the planet and tough on stains. Each box contains 24 strips, just toss into your toilet bowl, scrub and flush!

Unlike traditional toilet bowl cleaners that come in plastic bottles and contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and harmful ingredients, these strips are made with clean, eco-friendly ingredients and minerals for powerful plant-based cleaning. They use a combination of natural essential oils like rosemary oil and peppermint oil to eliminate odors and leave a light and fresh scent in your bathroom.

Using these strips is incredibly easy – just drop one in your toilet bowl, wait until it dissolves, brush, and flush. These strips have been tested and proven to perform alongside major brands on hard water, rust stains and limescale buildup, just leave on a few minutes longer. They are septic safe and cruelty-free. Toxic chemicals from toilet cleaners are a problem for municipal sewage systems and septic systems. These toilet cleaning strips are not corrosive and will not destroy the organic and good bacteria balance needed for systems to function safely.

The cleaning strips come in plastic-free, compact, lightweight, recyclable and biodegradable cardboard boxes that are child-safe so you can worry less about leaving them around (of course it is still good practice to keep them out of reach of babies and pets!).  The ultimate combination of effectiveness and zero-waste convenience. Always free from harmful chemicals, ammonia-free, vinegar-free, and bleach-free with no artificial fragrances and full ingredient transparency. Includes 24 highly concentrated cleaning strips.

To use: for an effective natural clean, toss one strip into your toilet bowl, allow to dissolve, and clean your toilet with a brush as you would any other toilet cleaner. The powerful yet gentle ingredients work to remove stains and grime, and leave your bathroom smelling fresh. Then, flush!

Storage: these products are meant to be stored at room temperature and at average humidity. In cold or dry conditions they may become brittle. If this happens - no worries. They will become pliable again once humidity returns to normal. For a quick fix just waft individual strips over boiling water for a few seconds before use.

Nantucket Footprint is a Certified B Corp. that creates natural, earth-friendly, zero-waste household cleaning and laundry products. Through trial, error and lots of research, they came up with their own formulations delivered in a compact and fully biodegradable format. Highly effective yet still safe and with minimal packaging. They promote fair labor practices and support local communities by relying on small, local or family run factories and suppliers for production. Most of their products are made in the USA. They are a proud Conservation Partner of Rainforest Trust, a portion of each sale goes directly to protect rainforests and endangered species habitats around the world.