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Home Collection

Small metal tin covered in a bright floral pattern on a black background with gold rim and "rifle paper co, push pins, 20 assorted pins" in gold lettering on the top. The lid is closed and the angle shows the top, left side and front.
4 clear glass apothecary bottles lined up in a row with a white label that says "half united home, socially-good gifts, 100 matchsticks" in navy blue writing. There are 2 thin red stripes and a navy stripe in the middle along with a gold foil stripe on the label. Bottles have cork stoppers and are sitting on a wood surface with white beadboard in the background.
60 minute hourglass sand timer in blue ombre glass vessel
60 minute hourglass sand timer in a terracotta ombre glass vessel
Brass moon phase hanging garland home decoration in kraft box with belly band.
Brass bird hanging garland home decoration in kraft box with belly band.
Brass supernova decorative wall hanging in box.
Smoke glass vase in the shape of a woman's body from the neck down in the lotus position.
Fluted vase in smoke glass with ribbed sections at the top and bottom.
Brown glass column vase with textural bubbles in different sizes all around the lower half of the vase.
Cream colored throw blanket with orange, red and yellow threads running through it into the fringe at top and bottom, blanket is folded.
Brown ceramic vase in the shape of a woman's torso from neckline to knees in orange box packaging with photo of vase filled with flowers on the front.
Frosted plum glass mason jar with silver lid and belly band with "modern sprout, lavender, hydroponic grow kit" in purple lettering.
Saffron yellow and white knitted cotton throw blanket with a greek key pattern, folded.
Votive holder with circles of brass finish woven wire and a clear glass insert, front view.
Front view of cream colored pillow with tufted cotton accents, gold embroidered crescent moons and cream yarn tassels on all corners.
Set of 2 small tidbit plates shaped like maple leaves, smaller one nesting in larger one, tied with an ivory ribbon and a pack of bamboo picks.
Super bright battery operated flameless pillar candle lit up with kraft paper box packaging in background.
Round terracotta colored ceramic incense holder with scalloped edge with a serene face painted on it and a flower in her hair and a white bird with leaves.
Stoneware incense burner with beige double arch base and cream colored bowl on top both with speckled glaze.
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