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Fall Feels

We have the fall feels here with amazing apple scented candles, autumn themed puzzles and pumpkin everything!
Front of box for a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a New Yorker magazine cover with tourists from a yellow charter bus wandering around a small covered bridge surrounded by fall foliage and a church steeple rising above it on hill.
Front cover of Leaf Peeping: Discover the Seasonal Wonder of Fall Foliage with illustrations of leaves in orange and red.
Box of 6 brown kraft paper surprise crackers with green gingham ties and crepe paper flowers and leaves in fall colors.
Saffron yellow and white knitted cotton throw blanket with a greek key pattern, folded.
Taper candles that look like ears of yellow and brown corn in clear round taper holders.
homesick pumpkin picking scented natural soy wax blend candle in glass vessel shaped like a can beside box with pumpkins in grass illustration.
Front angle of a brown acorn plush toy with brown corduroy feet and a stem.
Front cover of box packaging for Cats Rule the Earth Tarot with 3 cats in front of a crescent moon at night.
brooklyn brewshop farm steady apple cider doughnut baking mix in drawstring pouch packaging
Large pumpkin sage scented candle in clear glass vessel with peach band that has a pumpkin illustration on it with a bamboo lid on top.
Homesick Autumn Hayride scented natural soy wax blend candle in glass vessel shaped like a can beside box with fall themed illustrations.
Oktoberfest scented candle lit in clear glass can-shaped vessel with an illustrated gift box beside it.
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chronicle 1000 piece the art of pendleton patchwork puzzle packaging front
rock scissor paper hugs from brooklyn green enamel stainless steel camp mug
gibbs smith 1000 piece national parks vintage poster family jigsaw puzzle box front
Homesick Grandma's Kitchen scented natural soy wax blend candle in glass vessel shaped like a can beside box with green apple illustrations.
santa barbara design studio charcuterie spreaders four piece set in book box packaging with ribbon
creative co-op round metal advent taper candle holder with gold finish and candles
Votive holder with circles of brass finish woven wire and a clear glass insert, front view.
Crepe paper leaf and flower garland in fall colors of green, brown, orange and gold strung on a green gingham ribbon, full length..
Pack of 6 pumpkin shaped surprise balls with smiley faces and green stems in clear plastic packaging.
Cream colored throw blanket with orange, red and yellow threads running through it into the fringe at top and bottom, blanket is folded.
camp craft cocktails brunch punch cocktail kit jar front
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camp craft cocktails aromatic citrus cocktail kit in glass mason jar from above
camp craft cocktails the old fashioned cocktail kit in glass mason jar front
Front view of an arch shaped unscented candle in blue/gray wax.
jellycat birdling kingfisher bird plush stuffie toy front
jellycat birdling woodpecker bird plush stuffie toy front
White envelope packaging with photo of a tree with wood base and green paper leaves with a hand adding a leaf. Envelope has gray writing and says "gratitude tree, a visual reminder to be mindful and grateful" at the top.
jellycat birdling puffin
meri meri fairy mushroom paper party napkins with white stem and red top with white and gold foil speckles
two's company extendable campfire roasting stick tool
murphy's mellows s'more in a jar, 2 glass jars, 1 showing side view of layers of vanilla mellow, chocolate and graham cracker crumbs and other jar on its side on top showing the lid with company name
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murphy's mellows s'mores kit in clear plastic cubes, 5 boxes stacked with a toasted marshmallow and pieces of chocolate bar and graham crackers in front on a green surface and white background
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ethics supply co campfire 9 ounce cocoa scented candle in amber jar with lid on
anecdote basic pumpkin and cardamom scented coconut soy wax candle with orange label
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