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We have everything you need to fill up your Easter basket! Bunnies, chicks, baskets, eco-friendly eggs and coloring kits, craft kits and accessories.
nassau candy 5 count marshmallow peeps blue chicks in plastic packaging
nassau candy 5 count marshmallow peeps purple chicks in packaging
Douglas Lil Bitty Bunny plush toy in light pink with black bead eyes and a pink nose.
A group of 5 chick plush toys with rainbow colored fur in different patterns and yellow beaks and feet.
Crazy Aaron's Spring Frog Mini Sunshine Thinking Putty tin packaging with a swirly blob of putty, the putty changes color from yellow to green in sunlight.
Crazy Aaron's Piglet Mini Sunshine Thinking Putty tin packaging with a swirly blob of putty, the putty changes color from pink to fuchsia in sunlight.
iScream Hoppy Spring Stationery Set with 4 mini color gel pens and a mini notebook with a bunny on the cover in a clear plastic slide zip pouch.
iScream Egg Bunny Stationery Set in plastic egg packaging.
meri meri bunny shaped napkins in gingham print in pink, blue, yellow and coral with gold foil eyes, whiskers and nose and a white tail
meri meri crepe paper easter baskets in blue, lilac, peach, pink, yellow and green with ruffle around the outside
   meri meri easter small napkins with a white bunny and blue, pink, yellow and green flowers and scalloped edges
   meri meri easter dinner plates with pink background, white bunnies, colorful florals, birds and carrots with a scalloped edge and gold trim
meri meri spring bunny sticker book
meri meri kids easter bracelet with enamel bunnies and daisies on a mint green waxed cord in packaging
meri meri leaping bunny necklace with pink, green, yellow, pink and white acrylic bunny charms on a mint green cord
one hundred 80 degrees tiny flocked bunnies in blue, green yellow, orange, pink and mint green
Sugarfina baby butterflies easter gummy candy in candy cube front and side angle view with green sticker seal.
Set of 6 bunny head shaped scented bath bombs in pink, green, blue, orange, purple and yellow in packaging.
Two's Company Cocoba Bunny-Shaped Hot Chocolate Bombe with mini marshmallows in gift box with Easter-themed illustrations.
Set of 3 egg-shaped hot chocolate bombs in easter-themed packaging with windows.
Cello bag tied with yellow grosgrain ribbon and filled with individually wrapped white bunny marshmallows and yellow chick marshmallows.
Lucky Duckie Bubble Maker set with duck shaped bubble blower with wand, tray and bubble solution.
Sugarfina marshmallow eggs easter candy in clear candy cube packaging with pink label with yellow, pink and green speckled milk chocolate covered marshmallow eggs in front.
Two's Company Cotton Tail Bunny Applique Fabric Easter Basket in Blue and Pink Gingham.
Sugarfina Lemon Shortbread Cookies in a clear acrylic candy cube with yellow label.
sugarfina milk chocolate confetti easter candy in clear acrylic candy cube with a purple sticker label. Yellow, green, pink, purple and blue candy coated milk chocolate pieces are in front.
Sugarfina strawberry-infused milk chocolate confetti bar with colorful confetti in yellow box with egg-shaped cutout and bunny ears and feet.
Carved wood bunny silhouettes with hand painted details in blue, yellow, green or pink.
Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar in greeting card box packaging with floral watercolor illustrations, front view.
Two's Company bunny ear sunglasses in 2 styles, on white card packaging that looks like a bunny wearing glasses with "Some Bunny Loves Me" on it.
Vanilla flavored marshmallow lollipop in the shape of a bunny head with a floppy ear, black eyes, pink mouth, blush cheeks and ear inset. Cello bag is secured with a white grosgrain ribbon bow.
Peeps Bubble Bunny with marshmallow scented bubble solution in blue peep-shaped bottle.
Peeps Bubble Bunny with marshmallow scented bubble solution in pink peep-shaped bottle, front view.
Peeps Bubble Bunny with marshmallow scented bubble solution in yellow peep-shaped bottle, front view.
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