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Yoga Teacher in a Box

SKU: 9781837760312

Yoga instructor Leonie Taylor offers sixty yoga poses, meditations, and breath exercises, elegantly presented in a practical boxed set of cards featuring illustrations by Harriet Lee-Merrion.

Yoga Teacher in a Box presents a practical set of yoga positions, movements, and breathing exercises that lets you create a routine that’s perfect for you. The 32-page booklet introduces the cards, and suggests targeted sequences that will help with conditions such as insomnia or indigestion; then the 60 cards give clear illustrated instructions so that you can practice alone with confidence.

You’ll learn how to ready yourself for each session, listening to your body—your most important teacher—and the cards include postures with variations and modifications to suit all abilities and bodies. Energizing, balancing, and calming postures are included. You can create sequences for long and short sessions, energetic or relaxing routines, and you can address complaints like insomnia, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and PMS. The cards also explore key yogic texts and philosophies in an accessible way, explaining how they can be embodied in practice and life.