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The Eater Guide to New York City

SKU: 9781419765810

A comprehensive and must-have food-lover’s guidebook to New York City from Eater, the online authority on where to eat and why it matters.

With Eater experts leading the way, explore the best restaurants, food trucks, specialty shops, and farmers’ markets, digging into New York City’s key flavors and food culture, learning from those who’ve shaped and defined how the city eats.

Eater City Guide: New York is your go-to source for getting immersed in NYC’s famously vibrant and diverse dining culture. Offering context on how the local scene has been shaped by history, immigration, agriculture, and tradition, the guide offers vibrant, incomparable insight into the City That Never Sleeps and its one-of-a-kind food destinations and personalities.

This book includes ideas for great places to eat near key sites, which are often surrounded by underwhelming tourist traps, guide to NYC essentials such as pizza, steakhouses, bodegas, and more, a brief history of the regional dining culture, plenty of maps that break down the must-visit spots and shopping destinations neighborhood by neighborhood, contributions from notable locals such as Philip Lim, Maangchi, and Alexander Smalls, and weekend trip itineraries to eating destinations in the North Fork, Montauk, and the Hudson Valley 

Built on the unrivaled authority of Eater’s networks of local writers and editors, who live and breathe their hometown food scenes, this book is perfect for locals and travelers alike who are hungry to explore the best the city has to offer, based on the advice of in-the-know NYC natives. Includes color illustrations.

Paperback, 176 Pages, measures 5.8 x 8.1 x 0.60 inches.