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The Chai Box Lavender Nights (Caffeine-Free)

SKU: 153231

Lavender Nights, a caffeine-free blend of Lavender + Rose, is perfect for late night relaxation.

Benefits: antioxidants, improves sleep, pain-reliever, relieves anxiety and helps reduce blood pressure.

Ingredients: Rooibos leaves, lavender, cardamom and rose petals.

Inspiration: the stunning valleys situated between the Greater Himalayas and Shivalik Hills in Himachal.

Clear glass jar with white lid contains 2.5 ounces of loose leaves.

The Chai Box uses premium single-origin spices that are sustainably and ethically sourced and produced. Made in small batches in Atlanta by a women-owned business. The founder, Monica Sunny, grew up in an Indian household where Chai was more than just a drink, it was a daily ritual that's part of her culture and heritage. She took her passion for Chai with her mother's recipes, along with generations before and created blends inspired by different regions in India.