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Social Alchemix | Game Night, Storytelling & Aligned Serendipity

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The alchemy of an amazing party begins and ends with incredible conversation. This card game blends game night, storytelling and aligned serendipity with its 2 beautiful decks of Alchemical Cards and Book of Questions. This game from a Brooklyn entrepreneur is the result of a Kickstarter campaign that came out of live play events around the NYC area (formerly known as A Cocktail Party Social Experiment) from October 2019 to February 2020.

By providing you with the tools to tap into those magical parties, Social Alchemix helps you skip the small talk and get into the good stuff. New relationships will blossom and old ones will deepen as we break down the walls between us and create bonds that can last forever. Social Alchemix helps you create those parties that no one wants to end!

The small deck of cards features alchemical symbols split into three suits: Heavenly Principles, Ancient Metals and Poison. The proto-science of alchemy believed that different combinations of these elements (save poison) were the building blocks for all of life. These elements have astrological connections which rule over different aspects of the human experience.

The large deck of cards contains symbols of easily recognizable objects that relate to our human experience, objects to which we ascribe subjective meaning and into which we can compartmentalize our lives. The Object Deck is split up into four suits: Perception, Nature, Accomplishment and Tools.

The combination of one card from each deck creates something new. An Alchemical experiement. A question. A launching pad. An opportunity for understanding, for new bonds and for new connections.

How to Play: Pull a card from each of the 2 decks, look at the chart to figure out which of the over a hundred deep questions from the Book the symbols on your card conjure up, then explore the question and enjoy connecting with ease.

Includes: The Social Alchemix Book (216 questions, descriptions of the alchemical symbols and notes on conversation), instruction sheet and alchemical grid, 2 decks of hand-drawn alchemical cards, a 5-minute sand timer.

For 2-10 players, suitable for ages 17 and up. For solo players, the choosing of cards and the questions they conjure can be used as prompts for journaling or a daily check-in.