Pearl Glow Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Pedicure Set

SKU: 142276

Upgrade your regular foot soak to a satisfying Jelly Pedicure! Gel-Ohh! delivers heat and aroma therapy to relieve sore feet. Feel like you're dipping your toes in the edge of the ocean with this refreshing Pearl Glow Jelly Pedicure. The clean fresh Aloe aroma will uplift your mood. So easy to use, just use warm water and add the Jelly Spa Bath Powder (step 1) and let it do its magic, softening calluses and soothing tired feet. Once you're finished soaking, add the Dilution Material (step 2) and swirl around to turn the jelly back into liquid. Rinse legs and feet with water while draining, the remaining jelly will flow easily. Contains no harmful chemicals, parabens or preservatives. Use 1 pack for 5 gallons of water.

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