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Mountain Backgammon

SKU: 9781399612586

Explore 24 of the world's most fascinating mountains as you play the ancient game of backgammon!

The game you know and love has reached new heights! In Mountain Backgammon, the gameplay is exactly the same as classic backgammon, but each of the 24 points on the board has been replaced with an awe-inspiring peak. Spot skiers on Whistler, free climbers on El Capitan and even the yeti of Kangchenjunga as you try to get your counters home first. The race around the world is on! With bespoke illustrations, quality wooden pieces and stylish packaging, this is a great game to add to your collection that will be treasured for years to come. Great for adults and kids ages 6 and up. 

Box measures 10.3 x 14.5 x 1.81 inches and includes: 1 gameboard, 30 counters, 2 dice and 1 rules booklet.