Moon Flower Art Pack Seeds

SKU: 141405

Gardening is not a just a daylight activity, and your garden does not go to sleep when you do. Nighttime is when many growers—and garden visitors of all species—get to enjoy the fruits of horticultural labors. Midnight pollinators flock to this evening glory, which blooms in time for your return home from work, sends out its scent for a summer dinner al fresco, and glows in the moonlight to romance all nocturnal creatures—including night owls. This Art Pack contains 25 seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Company.

Packaged in a seed packet decorated with artwork by Tona Wilson. This work steps into a series of works that Tona has painted depicting walls composed of many different objects. This one pairs glowing white moon flowers with shadowy figures of nocturnal animals such as bats and flying squirrels.

Growing instructions: Direct sow after frost, but consider helping the hard-coated seeds to germinate, either by soaking for 24 hours or by nicking the seed coat with a nail file. Keep newly-sown seeds moist. Likes full sun and moist, average soil. Provide a trellis or other support to allow vines to grow 8-12' tall. Grow with morning glories for blooms night and day. 

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