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Mental Floss: The Curious Compendium of Wonderful Words

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From Mental Floss, the premier destination for curious minds, comes a deep dive into the the world of words! You’ll discover the surprising (and sometimes very dark) origins of common terms, a guide to quirky old-timey words, a timeline of popular slang, tips & tricks to win at every word game, from Scrabble to Wordle, a collection of the best literary insults, and much more!

Ever wonder if there is a synonym for the word synonym? Or why people really hate the word “moist?” Maybe you want to know why we tell a person to take something “with a grain of salt,” or why McDonalds went to war with a dictionary. From obscure words to the best literary insults ever written, this linguistic miscellany is sure to spice up your vocabulary, make you a whizz at word games, and prepare you for plenty of wordy repartee for your next soiree, with some of the most bizarre terms you never knew you needed.

Learn the meaning and surprising history of hundreds of words and phrases! Discover curated collections of literary insults, old-timey words, popular slang, and much more!

Includes tips for mastering popular word games from Scrabble to Wordle. Writers looking for just the right word will be inspired by hundreds of unusual and obscure words.

Hardcover, 192 pages, by Erin McCarthy & the team at Mental Floss, measures 6.2 x 9.1 x 0.80 inches.