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Jeopardy Game Box

SKU: 157277

Bring America’s Favorite Quiz Show, JEOPARDY! to wherever you are and play with friends and family! The fast moving game of answers and questions is great for parties and game night. 

Box includes: 15 large double-sided Jeopardy! cards, 15 large double-sided Double Jeopardy! cards, 1 Jeopardy! card cover, 1 Double Jeopardy! card cover, 1 Final Jeopardy! card, 1 scorepad, 1 pencil, and 1 instruction sheet. For extra fun, download the free Gamestar+ App with sound effects straight from the show! You can also use the app to buzz in first and write down your final Jeopardy! clue and wager. App use is totally optional.

Box measures 5.35 x 5.35 x 5.28 inches. Suitable for ages 12 and up, 3-4 players.