Hella Cocktail Co. Classic Bloody Mary Premium Cocktail Mixer

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The Classic Bloody Mary Mix from Hella Cocktail Co embodies their philosophy of bold flavor, real ingredients and hospitality. Made simply with ingredients you could find in your pantry or behind the bar (where it was developed), this quality-first recipe is 100% juice with nothing artificial, ever. It's the best out-of-the-bottle mix you can get!

The high juice content, horseradish and coarse ground black pepper ensure a body that won’t ever be watered down when you add your favorite spirit. It’s everything you want in a Bloody Mary Mix and nothing you don’t. You'll appreciate how easy it is, just add vodka and any garnish you would like. Contains real horseradish, lemon, black pepper and 100% tomato juice. No artificial colors, flavors, MSG or Sodium Benzoate. Each bottle includes enough to make 6 servings, alcohol is not included.

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