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Skeem Citronella Eucalyptus Triple-Wick Candle

SKU: 147331

All-natural Citronella oil blended with a musk base and brightened with eucalyptus and lime.

Citronella is a proven, all-natural, insect repellent made from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant. It repels insects by masking the smells biting insects are attracted to. Citronella oils are blended with fine fragrances to smell as good as they look. Once lit, the only bugs you’ll see is the graphic one silk-screened on the matte white vessel. Features 3 wicks for the maximum scent throw to keep bugs at bay. 

Hand poured in the USA with Skeem's exclusive soy wax base. Estimated burn time is 80 hours. Dimensions of the matte white vessel are 4.75 inches wide x 3.5 inches high. Includes a maple wood lid to keep the wax clean in between use. For outdoor use only.

Please note: The unfinished wood on the lid of this candle will expand and contract in extreme temperature changes and wet weather. To keep your candle in the best condition, we suggest storing it indoors when not in use.