12 Puzzles in One Box: Twelve Days of Catmas

SKU: 9781797213798
Celebrate the warmth, love, and cheer of the holiday season with 12 unique Christmas cat puzzles, all in one box! 

Each puzzle can be completed solo or divided amongst friends and family! Just in time for the holidays, these 12 illustrated cat puzzles are perfect for families and friends looking for an activity to do together. 

Something for Everyone: With 12 puzzles in a box with 576 pieces, there are enough for everyone! Whether you just want your own puzzle or you want to compete, these are great for all levels of puzzler, novice and expert, young and old.

Analog Activity: For when you need a time away from a screen or want to connect with others, these puzzles offer an easy activity that is perfect for work breaks, after-dinner downtime, family fun, or any time you need a distraction.

Great Gift: A charming package makes this a perfect gift. Holiday gift, hostess gift, for cat lovers, and Christmas fans. Enjoy the Catmas cats celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas as only felines can!

Assemble at Any Angle: No more huddling on one side of a table to complete; people around the whole table can assemble their puzzle from wherever they are sitting.

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