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#1 Dad Jokes

SKU: 9781250285379

Over 1,000 jokes that are so bad they're great!

Get ready to watch for the eye roll! There’s nothing dads and corny joke-tellers love more than a good, clean, marginally funny joke. Add in some classic bathroom humor, and you have a winner! This collection of groan-worthy jokes gives cringe-loving comedians enough material to embarrass—well, everyone—for years to come (while maybe getting a chuckle or two). Whether you’re stockpiling side-splitters for your next family road trip or you’re doing a little light reading on the john, #1 Dad Jokes has all the clumsy, hilarious gags you need to lighten the load (if you know what we mean)! Includes 1,000+ hysterically facepalm-inducing riddles, puns, knock-knocks, and more. Hours of family-friendly fun with jokes that are just the right kind of off-putting. Hundreds of silly illustrations to drive the punny punch lines home.

Paperback, 224 pages, by Jerry Carlin, measures 5.3 x 8 x 0.70 inches.