Tiny Fashion Studio

SKU: 140064

The perfect first step to becoming a real fashion designer! Following along with the tips of a real-life fashion designer, kids learn all about the process of inventing their own, custom fashion - No sewing machine required!

Just choose your "fabric" from the 12 decorative paper sheets, use the stencils to sketch your idea in the fashion sketch pad, and then trace and cut the shapes from the pattern paper to bring your fashions to life.

Or - forget the stencils and invent your own unique shapes!

Then, once you've created your favorite looks, hang them up on real metal mini hangers and display them on a miniature clothing rack.

From imagining to sketching to making, the Klutz Tiny Fashion Studio is authentic fashion-making made easy for beginners! Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity and design skills.

  • Includes 84 stencil patterns, 119 stickers, 10 mini hangers, marker, glue, fashion sketch pad, 12 decorative papers, 2 colors of chenille trim, easy-to-assemble clothing rack
  • What you'll need: Ruler, scissors, tape, pencil, scrap paper, eraser
  • 32-page instruction/idea book included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional fashion-design experience

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