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Grateful Garden Edible Flower Seed Blend

SKU: 153616

From a single flower to an entire field, no garden is too small to support our sweet friends! This Edible Flower Seed Mix brings birds, bees and butterflies into your own backyard. Not only will you enjoy your beautiful blooms, but you'll provide food and habitat to local pollinators all season long.

The flowers in this mix are all edible and can be consumed safely, The blend produces a gorgeous array of blooms with flavors ranging from spicy to sweet. These tasty garnishes will pep up your cocktails, cakes and salads, while pollinators can't resist the fragrant nectar and pollen! Contains 3 grams of seeds: Chicory, Coriander Slow Bolt, Calendula Fancy Mix, Alaska Shasta Daisy, Hollyhock Summer Carnival, Sweet William Single, Common Daisy, Purple Coneflower, African Daisy, Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel, Fennel Florence, Sweet Alyssum and Sweet Basil.

Growing notes: Not recommended to start inside. Water regularly until established. Thin as needed to encourage larger plants.

Planting instructions: scatter seeds 0.25 inches deep; best in full sun; seedlings emerge in 5-14 days, blooms in late spring through fall.

Packaging measure 3.25 x 5 inches. All Anellabees seeds are untreated and open-pollinated, from small family farms in the USA.