Dreamy Dew Hand Sanitizer Mist

SKU: 140576

The Dreamy Dew Hand Mist from Facetory is a sanitizing mist that's easy to take with you on the go! Spray it on your hands and on public surfaces to help kill 99% of bacteria. This sanitizer won't leave your skin dry or sticky as it's formulated with moisturizing ingredients to help replenish the skin and keep your skin barrier strong! 2 ounce spray bottle.

Key Ingredients:
75% Alcohol- This ingredient will help kill bacteria and keep hands clean.  

Lemongrass Oil and Tea Tree Leaf Oil- These two ingredients help remove odor while purifying and balancing the skin. 

Glycerin- This ingredient helps balance the skin and is extra hydrating. It will help add moisture to your skin to prevent it from getting dry.

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