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Brightland 375ml Ardor Chili Infused Olive Oil

SKU: 156314

ARDOR is a 100% chili olive oil lovingly blended with red chili peppers, jalapeño peppers, chipotle peppers, paprika and carefully selected early-harvest Frantoio olives grown on small family farms in California’s Central Coast. Brightland's olives are cold-pressed by a master miller within 90 minutes of harvest for freshness and flavor. You can taste the difference quality makes, this isn't your average grocery store flavored olive oil!  

ARDOR has notes of cayenne and paprika with a spicy, warming feel. Best enjoyed with pizza, pasta, salads, noodles, pasta salads, and drizzled on dips, cheese plates, hummus, and gelato.

Packaged in a 375 mL / 12.7 fl. oz. fully-recyclable glass bottle that has been UV-coated to protect the olive oil from damaging light. ARDOR's label was crafted in collaboration with New York-based artist Marleigh Culver, and was inspired by summer heat, dawn and dusk of Southern California, and the artist's Thai heritage.

100% plant based, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. Contains extra virgin olive oil, hot pepper oil extract, chipotle extract, paprika oil extract and jalapeno oil extract, no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Harvest Date: November 2022, best by November 2024. Once opened, it's recommended you finish the bottle within 4-6. months for the best results.

Brightland is an AAPI, women-owned small business based in Los Angeles. Their consciously crafted products support small U.S. family farms and makers. Brightland extra virgin olive oils are lovingly made on small family farms in California and contain nothing more than fruit, love and sunshine. They have been featured by  The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal and Food & WineMakes a great host, hostess or housewarming gift!