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Grateful Garden Purple Tansy Seeds

SKU: 153620

From a single flower to an entire field, no garden is too small to support our sweet friends! Purple Tansy's bring birds, bees and butterflies into your own backyard. Not only will you enjoy your beautiful blooms, but you'll provide food and habitat to local pollinators all season long.

Purple Tansy is easy to grow, producing whimsical, delicately curled blooms rich in the nectar and pollen pollinators love. These frilly purple flowers make a unique addition to any bouquet and a wonderful companion to fruits and vegetables.

Growing notes: Plant in early spring when there is still a change of frost or in fall in mild climates. Water regularly until established. Pinch off any spent or wilting blooms to prevent spread.

Planting instructions: plant seeds 6-8 inches apart, 0.25 inches deep; best in full sun; seedlings emerge in 15-30 days; thin 12 inches apart; blooms in spring and summer.

Packet measures 3.25 x 5 inches and contains 2 grams of seeds. All Anellabees seeds are untreated and open-pollinated, from small family farms in the USA.