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Sun and Sand Bug Repellent Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks

SKU: 160628

The scent of these Sun and Sand Mosquito and Fly Repelling Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks is slightly lemony when lit. They add the perfect summery and bug-free atmosphere whenever you take a dip in your pool or host your next backyard barbecue. Just light up and position the bug-repelling sticks strategically around your yard to keep mosquitoes and flies far away from everyone!

Made with essential oils of Citronella, Clove, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Peppermint and Lemongrass. Beautifully crafted and naturally scented with the perfect blend of organic essential oils that have been steam-distilled or cold-pressed. Each incense stick uses sawdust for its base, making them easy to light and stay lit, and each stick provides over 90 minutes of protection from insects. They’re also easy to extinguish and can be re-lit to be used for future occasions. They do not contain dyes, artificial perfumes, or chemical pesticides. All incense sticks are sourced from a fair trade supplier in India. Like all Nantucket Spider products, these incense sticks are made cruelty-free. Each tube contains 14 long burning sticks.

To use: hold horizontally when lighting. Allow the tip of the stick to catch fire and burn for 10 seconds. Blow the flame out and the stick will continue to smolder. Play stick and holder, directly into a container of sand, or in the ground away from vegetation. Place one or more sticks of wind within 10 feet of sitting area. Only for outdoor use, ensure proper ventilation for safe use.

Nantucket Spider was formed by lifelong friends who teamed up to create effective natural alternatives to DEET-based bug repellents for their family and friends. Using the perfect blends of natural ingredients to repel mosquitos, ticks and biting flies, they don't just work great but they also smell and feel light and fresh. Nantucket Spider is a Certified B Corp. They promote fair labor practices and support local communities by relying on small, local or family run factories and suppliers for production. Most of their products are made in the USA. They are a proud Conservation Partner of Rainforest Trust, a portion of each sale goes directly to protect rainforests and endangered species habitats around the world.