365 Ways to Have a Good Day

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A day-by-day guide to enjoying a more successful fulfilling life! How are the next twelve months looking for you? Pretty much the same as last year's Or are you ready to make things interesting?

365 WAYS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY is a full year's worth of daily inspiration, tools, habits, actions and rituals that will set you on the path to personal success. You'll encounter surprising insights and odd experiments from the world of cutting-edge psychology. You'll discover the benefits of Feierabends and Laughies, have your eyes opened by a dance psychologist, and learn why one senior executive's tattooed fingers help him make the right career choices. You'll find stories to inspire you to even greater achievements, pick up habit-forming strategies from unexpected sources, get prompts to help you put ideas into action, explore brain hacks and uncover tips for lasting behavior change.

You'll meet a cast of characters from around the world who know all about creating success, from the founder of a billion-dollar mindfulness company in California to the Hollywood screenwriter who takes up to eight showers a day to fuel his ideas, and from the Harvard Business School professor who discovered more joy at work by wearing red trainers to the man who every Friday for five years set up a table in central NYC to give advice to strangers, including a gang member on the run.

365 WAYS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY focuses on the small stuff you can do every day to make life better. Because when you get the little things right, the big things follow. Things like figuring out where you're going, hitting reset, designing the life you want, breaking through limiting beliefs, and creating success on your own terms. And when you find what works for you, you can do more of it, making you more productive, more fulfilled, and much happier.

Use this book to help you seize the day - all 365 of them. The next twelve months could be the best days of your life.

Hardcover, 375 pages, by Ian Sanders, 8 x 5.25 x 0.80 inches.

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