FaceTory Spring Season Sheet Mask Essentials Bundle

SKU: 141867

Each season brings about different skin concerns. Find ride-or-die sheet masks that cater to the most known skin problems that spring brings in this awesome season-based bundle!

The masks contained in the Spring Season Essentials Bundle help replenish dull/lackluster skin, soothe redness and irritations caused by dryness or blemishes and brighten for a healthy glow. Includes sheet masks with refreshing watery and gel-like essence - Key Ingredients: Artemisia, Chamomile, Niacinamide, Pomegranate, and more! Perfect gift for skincare enthusiasts and beginners.

Includes 2 each of the following sheet face masks (14 masks total!):
Artemisia Refreshing Relief Mask
Dream Garden Chamomile Calming & Hydrating Mask
Let's Talk Vitality Firming Mask
Glow Baby Glow Brightening & Soothing Mask
Oh My Goodness! Rejuvenating Snail Mask
Everyday Lemon Brightening Mask
Everyday Charcoal Detoxifying Mask

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