That's So 90's! A Pop-Cultural Guide to the Raddest Decade

SKU: 9781925811025

This tongue-in-cheek book is a pop culture time capsule, celebrating and reliving the 1990s in all its tacky glory. This guide includes chapters on 90s movies, television, technology, food and fitness, fashion, music, books and news. Any '90s kid will find themselves reminiscing over Nickelodeon classics, the Spice Girls, Furbies, Robin Williams in Flubber, Pokémon cards, Titanic's haunting tin whistle soundtrack, Jelly shoes, classic tv shows like Friends and Seinfeld, Nirvana, Mario Kart and Leonardo DiCaprio's floppiest hairdo on record.
So much of '90s culture dictates ours today and we can thank the Internet for the staying power of '90s pop culture. Kids of the '90s found themselves on the forefront of an online revolution, being the first to discover the distracting capabilities of the Internet. So, it's little surprise that meme culture is heavily steeped in references of the '90s. It's precisely these pop fanatics who will totally delight in this hella-illustrated throwback. Written by Jo Stewart and illustrated by Lisa Gillard.

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