Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog)

SKU: 9781741177053
Author Lara Shannon has drawn upon her many years of working (and playing!) with dogs as a certified dog trainer and pet food nutritionist, and through her TV show Pooches at Play. Her book is the essential go-to guide covering everything you need to know about caring for your dog from puppyhood until end of life.
Divided into three handy chapters – Eat, Play and Love – Lara tackles all the important subjects, from ensuring your dog gets the right diet it needs to thrive, through to how to successfully address common dog behavior issues.

You’ll also find some healthy D.I.Y dog food and treat recipes, brain games and activities to engage with your dog, advice for choosing the right dog for your lifestyle and guidance on overcoming common anxieties.

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog) will help you to understand why dogs do what they do, and give you the necessary advice to meet the mental and physical needs of your furry friend.

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