Fat and the Moon Love Thyself Bod Oil

SKU: 134992

This luxurious body oil is made up of a combination of 3 oils and is truly a treat for your skin! Apricot kernel oil contains a serious dose of Vitamin E to protect the skin from oxidation (sun and free radical damage) right alongside emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Oil from the Jojoba plant delivers both the moisture holding properties necessary to the desert climate it thrives in, while actively balancing the epidermal environment to treat acne. Jojoba oil sinks right in without clogging pores! Last but definitely not least is rosehip seed oil which contains Vitamins A, C, and E and promotes collagen production, which keeps the skin full and supple. Helps to heal sun damage, dark spots, combination acne prone and flakey skin. Love Thyself Bod Oil is scented with vetiver and clove essential oils for a warm and earthy blend. The warming properties of clove make this a great massage oil as well! 4 fluid ounce bottle with pump top.

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