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Calm Cards for Moms: 52 Beautiful Cards To Help Find Your Inner Peace

SKU: 9781837990269

A mum deserves to find calm every day and this gorgeous box of illustrated cards is the perfect way to help her unwind.

Throughout motherhood, finding time for self-care is a challenge, and all too often sacrificed for the day's to-do list and the needs of others. But all it takes is as little as five minutes - and the gentle advice on these cards - to instill peace. From learning the basics of deep breathing to small reminders that you are enough, these calm cards are the perfect antidote to times of strife, stress, and everything in between.

Within the box is a selection of inspirational cards, each with an affirmation on one side and a self-care tip on the other. The cards come with a handy wooden stand so they can be placed anywhere, helping to brighten the room and quieten any mind.

Mothers are an ever-flowing source of inspiration, love, and kindness, but they deserve to be cared for too, and there's no better way to show your appreciation for your mum than with this beautiful deck of cards.