Kebabs Four Ways | Recipe & Seasoning Cards

SKU: 142937

The Kebabs Four Ways set is full of simple skewers that bring bold flavors to summer barbecues and school-night suppers. This kit has all the spices (18 in all!) needed to make 4 unique kebab recipes (4 servings per recipe) that are a mix of delicious Middle Eastern classics and tasty Asian-inspired creations. Micro portions of super fresh spices are packaged in recyclable pods. It's a great way to try something new without spending alot of money on big jars of spices. This 4-card deck includes recipes for: Char Siu Chicken Kebab, Dearborn Chicken Lule, Pho Spiced Beef Shish Kebab and "This Lamb is on Fire" Kefta. These spice blends were created by Chef Mei Lin (chef & owner of Nightshade, Los Angeles). Made by Occo, a Brooklyn-based small business.

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