Maker Lab Bio Chem Creatures Kit

SKU: 144701

Kids get to explore the chemical reaction between sodium alginate and calcium chloride as they pour neon gel to form biopolymer blobs, worms, and tentacles. Create a total of six ooey-gooey custom creatures, add stickers and accessories and display them in test tube habitats! Meanwhile, 10 activities throughout the included book introduce curious minds to life cycles, adaptation, and traits that real animals use in the wild! Encourages exploration, creativity, scientific learning and STEM skills.

With all kinds of amazing facts, test tube habitats for displaying your creatures, and custom stickers and accessories for bringing them to life, the Klutz Maker Lab Bio Chem Creatures set is a thrilling way to turn young explorers into real scientists! Ages 8 and up.

Kit includes: 2 specimen test tubes, scoop, pack of primordial powder, 4 bottles of bio ooze, 2 pom-poms, 3 pairs of eyes, body part pieces, specimen labels and a detailed, illustrated instruction book.
Required from home: Bowl, measuring cup, water, tray or towel, table salt, slotted spoon/fork, glitter (optional), metal washer (optional), magnet (optional).

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