2022 Magical Activity Wall Calendar 2022

SKU: 9781523513406

Pure magic for kids 8+: a calendar featuring a fun, interactive activity (and stickers!) every month.

“Magical” is exactly the right word to describe this interactive calendar for kids from Hello!Lucky’s Sabrina Moyle and Eunice Moyle. Each hand-drawn grid of the Magical Activity Calendar! is a visual delight, printed in bright colors (including neon green!) and packed with charming illustrations, activities, and prompts to help kids’ imaginations take flight. “What’s in this magical closet?” “What’s on this mystery planet?” “Finish these monsters!” The  calendar includes 500+ stickers, an electrifying 12" × 24" poster, and unicorns. Lots of unicorns. Printed on uncoated FSC-certified paper.

• Includes more than 500 stickers specially designed to complete each month's picture and mark events, plus a cool fold out poster
• For kids ages 8 and up

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