Indoor Jungle Book | The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle

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This book is a luxurious guide to creating the very densest of jungles in your living room. It's time to finally turn that thumb green. From bedroom walls covered in trailing Pothos to living room corners overflowing with statement foliage, spaces really do come alive with the introduction of plants. They are known to be beneficial for mental health and for general health (being oxygenators), as well as a key element of any well-balanced interior. In Indoor Jungle, authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan from Leaf Supply delve into the world of plant styling with sections on how to choose your personal approach. Includes a step by step guide on how to style the various rooms in your home (or office!). Keeps you updated on plant care and their favorite go-to plants of the moment, as well as profiles on incredible plant-filled spaces from around the world to offer insight and inspiration to finding your own plant style. Hardcover book, 256 pages, dimensions are 8.4 x 10 x 1.2 inches.

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