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Apotheke Eden Saffron Vanilla Scented Candle

SKU: 148431

Discover Apotheke's brand new limited edition spring scent, Saffron Vanilla, part of the Eden collection. Spicy cardamom and herbal lavender blend with iris, violet, and rose; complemented with the scent of warm vanilla and spicy saffron for a stunningly complex warm spring scent. Hand-poured into an olive green colored glass vessel with a glossy finish.

Welcome to Eden. Say hello to all things fun, colorful, warm, and bright. Spring is all about growth and new beginnings, a fresh start, and it’s these wonderful experiences and little moments of joy that inspired Apotheke to create Eden. A paradise where only peace, bliss, and happiness exist. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for at home, right? As we open our windows and take a deep breath of fresh air, we are refreshing our spaces and routines, all while dreaming of our own personal paradise.

Packaged in a gorgeous fruit and floral covered carton, perfect for gifting. Dimensions of the candle are 3.625 inches in diameter x 4.375 inches tall.

All Apotheke candles are made with perfume-grade fragrance oils and a high quality soy wax blend. Their candles are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan. Each scent is formulated with a unique wick, wax, and fragrance combination to create a strong and clean burn. Made in the USA.

11 ounce candle has an estimated burn time of 60-70 hours.