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Spicewalla The Ultimate BBQ Collection 3 Pack

SKU: 154275

Whether you're grillin', smokin', dry rubbin' or sloppin' on the sauce, this 3 pack of Ultimate BBQ rubs will take your proteins (or veggies!) on a trip to three of the big time barbecue regions in American. Tangy mustard flavors will bring you down south, spicy black pepper will lasso you westward to Texas and the sweet, tomato-y taste of the Kansas City rub will remind you of that classic BBQ chip flavor! This gift set is a great way to try out these spices and up your grill game! Includes 1 tin each of Carolina Mustard BBQ Rub, Texas Pepper BBQ Rub and Kansas City BBQ Rub. 

Carolina Mustard BBQ Rub (2 oz)
This zingy, smoky blend is truly a must(ard). With brown sugar, mustard and a touch of hickory smoke, it's an elevated take on the classic SC rub you might be used to. Fabulous on wings, pork chops, or whisked into a salad dressing.

Texas Pepper BBQ Rub (1.5 oz)
This Texas Pepper rub is so good, you'll be craving BBQ for every meal. Traditional Texas rubs start with a salt and pepper combo, they added cumin and birds eye chilli for one of the most versatile, beautiful seasonings ever.

Kansas City BBQ Rub (1.9 oz)
That sweet, smoky, Kansas City flavor you crave - now in a rub! Luscious brown sugar and Spanish paprika meld with a tangy kick of tomato for a sweet & savory, super flavor-y experience for the ultimate rib rub.

Spicewalla was founded by 5x James Beard-nominated chef Meherwan Irani, who grew up in India and brought with him the knowledge of spice blend recipes handed down from his grandmother. Now Meherwan continues the journey as a chef, blending his own variety of spices for us to enjoy. Spicewalla sources directly from quality suppliers in small quantities so the spices and seasonings are always fresh. They roast, grind and pack all of their spices to order so the freshness is passed along to customers.