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Moodflower Mental Clarity Organic Herbal Tea Blend

SKU: 158109

Conducive to the singular sensation of productive flow, Mental Clarity Certified Organic Herbal Tea Blend is ideal for pursuits both professional and passionate. Provides caffeine-free brain support with a lucid, meditative and velvety blend.   

Formulation details: Catalyst Herbs- Mugwort and Rosemary
Supporting Herbs- Honeybush, Cornflower and Cinnamon
Active Herbs- Gingko Biboa and Gotu Kola.  

Preparation: steep 5 minutes for a quick flavor brew. 10-15 minutes for a deeper effect. Resteep each serving up to 3 times to make the most of your herb.

Tin holds 0.88 ounces of tea, enough for 14 servings (x3) with a 2 tsp serving size. Moodflower is an experimental designer of herbal teas and potions based in Brooklyn, creating recipes that encourage self-care at a holistic level.