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Buster Mandel Brooklyn Bootlegger Scented Candle (2 sizes)

SKU: 151376

The mighty bridge throws a welcomed darkness upon his vessel and cargo. Moreover, Liberty’s light, shining gold in the night dare not tread here. For liberty has lost its luster of late.  Prohibition has seen to that. There are those who see that which is newly unlawful, to be inalienably rightful. So an outlaw this honest skipper now be. Huddled atop the stern, with a whiskey laden keel. Good bourbon. American bourbon. As good as it gets these days. An arid Manhattan is his port of call. But the law is thirsty and on the lookout. From yonder bank of the island’s East River he pushes off. Through cracks in the ice he ventures. Slowly, the ship scrapes a new path. One of opportunity, of struggle, and of legacy. Speak easy of this tale my friend, as legend tells this notorious New York Bootlegger was Buster Mandel.

Top notes of incense and spearmint; middle notes of bourbon and smoke; base notes of amber, musk, leather and oud.

Made with premium, all-natural pure soy wax and liberally fragranced with essential oils. Rugged, sustainably sourced wood wicks provide a clean burn. Cruelty-free and contain one of the toxins commonly found in mass market candles. No carcinogens, parabens, phthalates, lead or paraffin. Comes with Buster's proprietary Leverage Crowbar, for ease of opening; the right tool for the right job. Hand-poured in small batches, made in the USA.

Pint size- 16 ounces, dual wood wicks, estimated burn time is 80+ hours.
Half pint size- 9 ounces, single wood wick, estimated burn time is 45+ hours.