That Rings a Bell! Family Night Trivia Game

SKU: 9781797210513

Be the first to ring the bell in this fun and fast-moving trivia game for the whole family! 

Three or more players answer questions like "True or false: there is water on the moon" and "What is the world's largest land animal?" in this That Rings a Bell! Game: Family Night Trivia set. Great for a family night, on vacation, or during the holidays. With 100 cards and a bell, housed in an eye-catching bling-y box, this trivia game is full of questions the whole family will enjoy.

Perfect for families in need of game night inspiration, dinner party hosts and partygoers, or campers looking for a fun trivia game by the fire.

Dimensions of the box are 
3.625 x 3.625 x 5.25 inches.

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